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Charlie Scharf, Jr.

“It’s hard to deny the fact that the automobile in some way or another is at the core of the modern American experience.  For some they’re just a mode of transportation while for others they’re much, much more.

I find myself in the latter category. I have a sincere appreciation and respect for automobiles. This was passed down to me at an early age by my father. He would take me to car shows, dealerships and cruise nights educating me along the way about the engineering, design, thrill, and excitement each car could offer.

This passion for cars continued with me to my young adult years where I focused my career within the auto industry. In my college years I took a full time internship offer with Chrysler Corp. (now referred as: FCA Group) as a district sales representative. Later, opening the opportunity for me to be a sales representative for Tesla Motors.  Working for two major players in the auto industry with completely different backgrounds had taught me a lot of the ins and outs of the automotive industry.

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Scharf Auto Connection is a boutique dealer specializing in the buying, selling, and consigning of luxury, exotic and classic automobiles. We offer consultation services for all makes and models and want to help you no matter where you’re at in the buying or selling process.  We have a strong interest and eye for the finer quality vehicles on the market. When purchasing these vehicles for inventory or for a customer, we make sure to do a thorough check on the vehicles background and records.  As well as inspecting the vehicle inside and out very carefully.

Aside from the cars we have in our inventory, I’m equally as passionate to help you find the perfect car. No matter what the make or model, my job is to do the research and hard work to find the best car for your needs with an emphasis on providing a great buying experience along the way or throughout. I’ve created Scharf Auto Connection so we can bring my passion and expertise to you and create a customized buying experience to find you the car you desire.


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